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         Family owned and operated for over 40 years, Home Video Library Electronics and Furniture was a well-known business in Portland Oregon.  Originally a video rental and television sales business that was started by "the brothers"  Mike, Kenny, and Harold. As the brothers began to retire, Mike's son-in-law Sean and daughter Cherie' took over ownership of the store.  Unfortunately in December 2022, shortly after the pandemic and with inflation still rising, the overhead of the business became too much and they decided to close their doors.  It was soon after closing, that the family saw an opportunity to keep their most popular product lines available to their loyal customers, family, and friends.  Sony, Sonos, Klipsch and Yamaha have always been high quality, reliable electronic brands, and customer favorites.  

         Now the family includes Sean's son-in-law, Justin Foster, and the two have teamed up to provide you with the very best in home theatre, home audio, and other electronics products.  By eliminating their overhead and working exclusively online, they are able to offer you the most competitive pricing.  So, if you are in the market for a new television, sound bar, receiver, headphones, 4k dvd player, wireless surround sound, or home audio network system they are your guys!  

         Still family-run, still reliable, and still the best prices,  just offering you a little different way to shop.  They are the next family generation... dedicated to getting you the very best products and customer care at the very best prices.

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