Def Tech MYTHOS Gem

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Compact, versatile speakers deliver rich sound

Enjoy detailed sound from Definitive Technology's most compact multi-purpose speakers — the Mythos Gems. Each speaker houses two 3-1/2" mid/bass drivers that are angled away from each other to create a spacious, lifelike soundstage. They flank a 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter that reveals lots of detail and nuance without adding a trace of edginess.

Form Factor: LCR
Enclosure Type: Sealed
Tweeter: one 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter
Woofer: dual 3-1/2" bass/midrange drivers
Subwoofer: N/A
Binding Post Type: Banana plug compatible
Bi-amp Compatable: False
Built-in Amplification (Wattage): N/A
LFE Input: N/A
Finish: High Gloss
Dimensions: 4-5/16"W x 10-1/4"H x 4-1/8"D
Weight: 5lb
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