NHT Absolute In-Wall

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The AiW-ARC is a high-performance, compact in-wall speaker that utilizes a number of NHT technologies in tandem to deliver sound quality well beyond your expectations. Sold as single units rather than speaker pairs, The AiW-ARC is NHT's companion in-wall mount speaker option to the flexible, award-winning Absolute Series speaker collection (i.e. the Absolute Tower, Absolute On-Wall, Absolute Center, and Absolute Zero). The Aiw-ARC works wonders on its own as well. Weather and moisture resistant materials make the AiW-ARC a candidate for outdoor venues, covered patios, and master bathrooms as well traditional placement around the house. The AiW-ARC features NHT's new micro-perforated, bezel-less grill that attaches magnetically and reduces the installed footprint by almost 30% over its predecessor, the iW1.

System type
In-wall Loudspeaker

2-Way Infinite Baffle

Woofer – 1 x 5.25” polypropylene cone 
Tweeter – 1 x 1” aluminum dome

Cabinet Material
Weather resistant - one piece ARC (Anti-Resonant C3asting)

Rubberized Paint

Amplifier Power
10W/ch minimum, 100W/ch maximum

Frequency Response
60Hz - 20kHz (±3 dB)

2.4 kHz

Crossover Slopes
12dB/oct HP & LP


7.6 ohms nominal, 4.6 ohms minimum

HD nickel-plated spring-loaded type

Product Dimensions
10 inches x 7.25 inches x 3.6 inches

Weight | Shipping Weight
4.36 lbs/1.98 kg | 5.4 lbs/2.45 kg

Packaged and Sold Individually


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