COVID-19 and Home Video Library

Hello Everyone,

In response to the pandemic and shelter-in-place order given by Governor Kate Brown, here are the steps we are taking to make sure we all stay healthy, and minimize the spread of disease:


  • Curbside pickup and home drop-off are available and encouraged.
  • All surfaces and door handles regularly touched by customers and employees will be frequently sanitized.
  • Staffing will be minimized, and the store will close early. We will no longer be open on Sundays for the time being.
  • Social Distancing is strictly enforced.

To reduce your contact with others, we recommend calling (503-760-6488) or emailing ([email protected]) before coming in. We may be able to deliver items to you same-day, thus minimizing your travel and exposure while still getting the great prices and service you've come to expect from us.

Thank you so much for your understanding during this truly challenging time.