Delivery, Installation, and other Services

Since 1980, Home Video Library Electronics has been locally renowned for its exceptional customer support and friendly customer service. Now, nearly forty years later, we strive to continue and improve upon this tradition, offering delivery, installation setup, and in-home or over the phone troubleshooting and support for everything we sell. 

  • Deliver and Installation
    • TV Delivery
    • Furniture Delivery
    • Home Theater Installation
  • Service and Consultation
    • Troubleshooting
    • Reconnect Equipment
    • Program Universal Remote
  • Tape to DVD Conversions
  • Rear-projection Bulb Replacement

Appointments for delivery, installation, or service are available Monday through Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm. Rates start at $99/hr. Generally, we're willing to cover any part of the greater Portland metro area (or further, if need be), though additional fees may be applied to compensate for additional travel time and fuel costs. Use the map below to roughly estimate trip fees.

Service and delivery pricing zones

GREEN: No additional travel charge
YELLOW: Additional $25 travel charge
RED: Additional $50 travel charge

Delivery and Installation