Home Automation & Smart Home Technologies

Take Control of your Smart Home with Savant Pro

Home Video Library offers smart home integration and control with Savant Pro, and industry leader in premium Home Automation. Easily control your connected home with one easy to use app.

With a Savant Pro home, you can:


  • Easily control your TVs, whole-home audio, security cameras, entry systems, lighting, and HVAC with one app.
  • Automate everyday tasks, such as turning on exterior lighting when it’s dark outside, or setting your preferred temperature and starting your favorite playlist when you return home.
  • Control complex tasks with the press of a single button with Savant Scenes.
  • And much, much more!

Stop in and check out our live demo setup, including a Dolby Atmos Theater with a nearly 10 foot 4K projection screen, Savant Smart Lighting, Savant Music, and the new X2 Remote Control.

Learn more at savant.com or by contacting us at 503-760-6488 or [email protected]